1. How far in advance should I place my order?

Ideally your order should be finalised at least 2 months prior to your event (3 months prior for weddings). The summer months are extremely popular so for May-August it is advisable to order as far in advance as possible. We require a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure your booking and full payment 10 working days prior to your event. 

2. Can you cater for dietary restrictions?

Yes, we offer limited gluten-free and vegan options. Please contact us to discuss. All cakes are vegetarian and do not contain alcohol. Our premises handles gluten, soy, eggs, nuts and dairy. 

3. Can I provide my own flowers for the cake?

Yes, you can. It will be up to you to liaise with your florist to acquire the flowers required. We are happy to provide sketches, measurements and photos to help. Customers will be responsible for delivering flowers to either the Kitchen or the venue. If you need florist recommendations there are a couple of local independent florists we love to work with. 

4. Do you do cake tastings or consultations?

Unfortunately because we are a small business it is not possible for us to do free tastings. You may order a box of 12 cupcakes in 2 different flavours for £10 in order to try. We can also include small tasters of other frosting flavours for an extra £2 fee. Additionally the Pantry in Hazlemere usually has our mini vegan chocolate cakes and mini gluten-free pear & almonds cakes available for sale. Regarding consultations we find that email and telephone work fine but if you wish to have an in person consultation this can also be arranged. 

5. Do you make fondant/sugar paste covered cakes?

No, all our cakes are filled and covered with a silky smooth and delicious Italian meringue buttercream. 

6. Can I have more than one flavour in my cake?

Yes, if you are having more than one tier then each tier can be a different flavour. 

7. How far in advance will you start making my cake?

We will start making your cake the week of your event. For smaller cakes it would most likely be 2 days prior and for wedding cakes 4-5 days prior. Cakes remain fresh as they are carefully wrapped and kept away from air until covered in frosting.  

8. Can I have a pure white cake?

Because our buttercream frosting contains butter it is not possible to make a pure white cake. Without any additional colouring the frosting is a cream/off-white colour. 

9. Can you supply cake stands/table cloths/ knives?

Unfortunately we cannot supply any "accessories" with the cake. It will be up to the customer to ensure that these things are provided and available at the venue. 

10. What is a "kitchen cake"?

A kitchen cake is simply an extra cake which is baked and frosted to match your main cake but without all the decoration. It is usually kept in the kitchen and served along with your main cake to boost the number of portions. 

11. How long will my cake keep for?

Our cakes are made to be eaten on the day of the event. If left uncut and kept in the fridge it can be enjoyed up to 2 days after the date of your event (just bring it back to room temperature before eating). Once cut it can still be stored for up to 2 days but please bear in mind that it will start to dry out. 

12. I want to collect my cake. How do I transport it?

The finished cake will be stored in a box which we then advise should be placed either in the boot or footwell (somewhere flat). If the cake is not tiered then on a passenger's lap is fine. We also recommend you drive slowly especially if on uneven roads and round bends and that a cool temperature is maintained. Cakes are fragile and need to be handled carefully. For larger cakes (more than 2 tiers) we prefer to deliver as once the cake leaves our premises we cannot be held liable for any damage.  


Still have unanswered questions? Contact us! :)