Children's Cookery Class Terms & Conditions

1. Knives, ovens and stoves may be used during classes. A safety briefing will be given at the beginning of the class and children will not be left unsupervised whilst any of this equipment is being used. 

2. Children are expected to behave in a respectful manner towards myself and other children and are to follow instructions given during the class. In extreme cases failure to do so may mean a child is not permitted to continue. 

3. Any dietary requirements or medical conditions or allergies must be brought to my attention at the time of booking and parents understand that Kitchen at 4a is a working kitchen which handles and stores allergens such as nuts, dairy and gluten. 

4. Children must not be suffering from any viral infections/diarrhoea/vomiting for 48 hours prior to attending the class. 

5. Children will be required to work in pairs or small groups and all food items will be shared amongst the class. 

6. Children will take home the items they have made and once any food has left the premises it is the responsibility of parents to store it in an appropriate manner. 

7. Long hair must be tied back during the class, closed toe shoes must be worn and whilst aprons are provided please wear appropriate clothing that you do not mind getting dirty. 

8. Parents are welcome to drop their children off and collect them again at the end of the class. If someone else is to collect your child at the end of the class you must make this clear to me in person when dropping off otherwise for safeguarding reasons I will not be able to allow your child to leave the class.  

9. Parents agree to be contactable by phone whilst their child is in the class for emergency purposes. 

10. Cancellations must be made 3 days prior to the date of the class in order to receive a full refund. Any cancellation after this period will not be entitled to a refund. 

11. Photographs may be taken during the class and used for social media posts and/or marketing. If you would not like your child to be in any photos please let me know. 

12. Classes may be slightly shorter or longer than 3 hours depending on the group and their pace of work.